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How Print-on-Demand Makes Charity Fundraising Easier

How Print-on-Demand Makes Charity Fundraising Easier

When it comes to running a charity, the most challenging task is definitely raising funds. Even if a significant number of individuals are willing to donate to your project, your budget is still likely to be tight with all the extra expenses your project involves. So, you need to make sure that return of investment is worth your time. 

Selling promotional print-on-demand items like notebooks, branded bags, and teddy bears is a great way to raise awareness and generate much-needed donations since consumers are more willing to purchase things affiliated with a charity. It gives them a sense of well-being. They believe they have completed their daily act of kindness, while you earn a profit that you may invest into helping the people in need! This is a win-win scenario!

Traditionally, merchandise printing was a tedious and costly procedure, which involved creating branded items and ordering them in bulk from a printing company.  As a result, charity activists used to spend most of their time on processing orders instead of getting their message across, losing millions of pounds in prospective donations.

With the introduction of print-on-demand, charities were finally able to concentrate on fundraising and promotion without having to deal with boxes of stock, and redundant items. Print-on-demand works especially well for charities since it allows you to have a variety of personalised and branded items relevant to your charity's audience that are only produced, packaged, and sent once the transaction is completed.

For instance, if you were selling charitable organisation clothing, you wouldn't have the usual upfront fees associated with acquiring merchandise in all the many sizes and colours that you'd normally need to offer to your customers.

You can try out various designs and launch a wide selection of awareness-raising items to your audience without spending any money of your organisation's finances on inventory up front.

Experts at Urban Planet On-Demand will take care of everything -  we will create and print your goods, neatly packs them, and sends them straight to your customers. Your organisation pays the wholesale price and retains the profit.

What's the best part of working with Urban Planet On-Demand? You don't have to do anything but add designs to items and upload them to your web store.

At Urban Planet on-Demand, we provide affordable on-demand printing of smaller orders/bespoke merchandise.  Create your own items, customise an online shop, and we will take care of all order fulfilment procedures automatically.  You can experiment with alternative designs by posting them on your webpage without investing any money upfront.

As soon as your customer makes an order, we will print the merchandise, pack it neatly, and send it to your client. Your charity pays the wholesale cost, and you keep the profit.

Our objective is to make the process of developing a sustainable brand as simple as possible.  

As a result, you are relieved of the responsibility of stocking, packaging, and dispatching to your clients so there is no risk, no stock, no expense, and no inconvenience for you.

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