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Creative Corporate T-Shirt Ideas to Boost Your Brand


What do you think of when you hear the term corporate t-shirt? Maybe you think of plain blue or grey t-shirts that your company hands out as uniforms to workers, or generic merchandising giveaways like white t-shirts with your logo on them. While these are all great examples of corporate t-shirts, there are many other ways to show your company brand off using the same item. At Urban Planet On-Demand we want you be up to date with the current business trends. Here are top 3 creative corporate t-shirt ideas that will boost your brand recognition.

Why Does Having a Corporate T-Shirt Design Make Sense?

If you’re trying to boost your brand or have a creative marketing plan, then you should start producing customised t-shirts. There are several ways they can help increase brand visibility. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, having custom corporate t-shirts for staff members makes sense.

For example, when employees wear shirts with your logo, it creates an environment where everyone is on board with your company values and objectives. Custom corporate t-shirts are also a great way to build loyalty among existing customers; consider giving them away as part of a promotion or contest. You could even offer shoppers discounts if they show up wearing your shirt!

The t-shirts themselves are a marketing tool designed to attract new customers, but what really makes them effective is their ability to increase brand visibility on a daily basis.

1. Make Your Design Simple and Unique

Creating a personalised t-shirt design can be a great way to boost your brand, promote your company and have fun at events. Also, pay attention to detail; an off shade of pink will not match up with bright orange logos as well as it should. Overall, choosing colours that are visible in daylight is important—colours should match each other so when someone sees you from across the room, they’ll know who you are! However, your t-shirt design should not be too complicated.

While you may be tempted to choose dazzling and brilliant colours, it may be better to go with more neutral tones. At Urban Planet On-Demand, we believe that simple doesn’t mean boring—make sure your logo and overall design match each other in terms of creativity and simplicity, so customers will remember your brand!

2. Use Colour Combinations to Communicate a Message

People have particular connections with each colour, as has been demonstrated over and again. Colour may be used to convey a message.

Most people have specific associations with each colour. For example, the green colour, represents life, regeneration, nature, and vitality, and is usually associated with the concepts of progress, peace, security, nourishment, and the ecology. Blue represents confidence and trustworthiness, whilst red represents assertiveness, will-power, and determination.

Consider the message you want to convey when choosing a colour for your business t-shirts. Do some research to determine which colours best reflect your organisation and sector.

3. Pay Attention to the Logo

It’s worth pointing out that we’re not suggesting you plaster your logo all over your company shirt. We do, however, encourage you to be smart about where and how you place it. A small logo on the left or a big logo in the middle is the best option. However, too many logos and poor placement will make it look like a bad third grader drew on your shirt with a permanent marker. Most importantly, the logo should complement the garment colour. Choose a material with a more neutral tone rather than bright eye-catching colours.

If your organisation already has branding rules, make sure to adhere to them while creating your t-shirt. We recommend that you stick to the same typeface that you use for your goods and services. Using the same font will make it easy for your customers to recognise your company.

In the corporate world, design speaks much more than words. If you have specific corporate t-shirt ideas, our experts can help you make an artwork from scratch and make as many copies as you need.


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