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The Urban On Demand Guide – The Pros and Cons of print on demand for your ecommerce business


Print on demand is something that allows you to build your business on the model of dropshipping – this means that the products and shipping are all handled by a contracted third party. It is possibly on of the most accessible ways in which to source products and start a business online, but you should be aware of limitations as well as the perks before you begin.


  • Create products quickly. Once the design is complete, the product can be created and put up for sale in minutes.  It works fast, meaning you can make money faster.
  • Shipping orders is taken care of. The supplier takes care of shipping and fulfilment, it is entirely out of your hands and into the hands of your supplier’s. Once the sale is complete, your responsibility is that of customer service. 
  • Low investment, lower risk. You will not be physically having any inventory, so you do not need to worry about making the space available to keep stock, and it is also simpler to add or remove products from your online store.

  • Lower margins. You are not keeping any stock, which means that the price paid per item will be higher than it would be if you purchased in bulk.
  • Less control over shipping. Shipping and fulfilment costs can get complex, as it might differ for different product. The options available to you are also limited if you wanted to create a unique unboxing experience to your customers.
  • Limited products. Your choices of customising products depend on the vendor that you use and the product you intend to sell. You will have to weigh base costs, customisation options, and available sizes when deciding on this.

    At Urban On-Demand, we don’t charge a setup fee or require a minimum order quantity, providing affordable on-demand printing of smaller orders and bespoke merchandise.  Create your own items, customise an online shop, and we will take care of all order fulfillment procedures automatically.

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