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How To Sell Your Own Print On Demand Mugs


Many individuals enjoy their favourite hot beverage daily, and most prefer to have their own mug or cup.  Everyone has their favourite mug, whether it was a Father’s Day gift or something your niece made at school. As the number of people on the planet increases, more mugs are needed, and the global mug market is anticipated to reach just over $27.23 billion by 2028.

Mugs get used often, almost daily for most people, making them a great choice for a personalised gift. While the fact that mugs usage makes them a great gift, the receiver is not the only person who will have an advantage. Mugs are used often, including in the office and other public areas, and because of this, they are visible. Every time somebody uses a mug with your bespoke design, your brand’s visibility will get a lift.

What is even better, is that it is now easier than ever to make your own designs for mugs, and custom designs are an even better option for a present.  After all, it adds a personal touch that is not seen anywhere else.

Custom mug designs can be made to appeal to people’s interests or perhaps fit an event’s theme, such as an Oscar-themed party with photos of everyone on a mug, as though they have won the Oscar themselves.

Personalised mugs and cups are also great party favours and gifts for teachers.

One of the most obvious questions is whether money can be made from selling mugs. The simplest answer is that it is dependable on whether or not you do it correctly, but you will find plenty of help online and even on social media.

For those who would like to sell mugs online, the good news is that it’s now easier than ever before. This is chiefly thanks to numerous platforms that give you the apparatuses you need to build and market your own online store.

At Urban on Demand, it is our goal to ensure that you have all these tools ready for your venture into online selling.

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